Good habits formed at youth make all the difference. Aristotle


Alison Logee

I am an independent dental hygienist working from my home, in the countryside of Eastern Ontario, Canada. Over the last 35 years I have encouraged thousands of children to embrace their oral health. Many kids today are catching on to the concept of a HEALTHY MOUTH FOR A HEALTHY BODY. What an excellent motivator!

In 2013 I raised Chelsea, the little red squirrel who has inspired me to write children's stories. When I released her into the giant oak tree, she was only 11 weeks old.

Cherishing my independent dental hygiene practice, educating children, interacting with Chelsea, observing life in the giant oak tree, and connecting with nature on a daily basis, are the magical components that have prompted me to write The Treetop Tooth Shop story & Chelsea's Flossome Friend.

Mother Nature continues to offer us an opportunity to ground and heal ourselves and I am honoured to share stories that embrace her presence. 

I look forward to sharing more stories and adventures in the Chelsea Squirrel series.

Alison :)

(Jan 2022)